Our History Project
Education and Preservation of United States History
Welcome to Our History Project, we are glad you stopped by. We are a National Non-Profit dedicated to the Preservation and Education of our United States History. We tell the story of Our America though audio, web and print. We turn "History" in to "His Story" and "Her Story".

Please take a moment to look around; we have many audio presentations for you to listen to - over 400 hours in all. We are currently working on changing our servers and linking the files for all the audio. Unfortunately, it is a long process because we have so many hours of programing. So until that process is complete, if you have a special request on a subject, contact us. If the audio is available for the subject we will send you the direct link.

We are still planning a print publication "History in Moments". Check back often to keep up to date on that.

We are working on a wide array of projects at the moment and hopefully for years to come. Feel free to look around, enjoy your stay, and if there is any special requests you have e-mail us. We will be more than glad to help.

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